Conference Presentations

Wednesday, April 24

1:30 PM - Opening Plenary

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Rising Flood Waters:  Planning for Coastal and Inland Resiliency; John Englander

Wednesday, April 24

3:30 PM - Session 1

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Moderator:  Curtis Bridges, Charlotte Regional TPO

  1.  Mobility & Livability in Charlotte - The Uptown Connects Study
  2. Downtown-Raleigh's Mobility Future

Planning Organization Staff Development

Moderator:  Sherry Ashley, CRTPO TCC Chair/City of Statesville

  1. MPO Staffing and Resources
  2. The Role of Social Media in Planning
  3. Effective Communication with Elected Officials

Corridor Management Strategies

Thursday, April 25

8:30 AM - Session 2

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Land Use

Moderator:  Kathy Cornett, Charlotte Planning, Design & Development Department

  1. Can Transportation Planners Get Ahead of Gentrification?  Considering Equity in Several Transportation Case Studies
  2. Impact of Public Transportation Investments on Residential Mobility & Neighborhood Socioeconomic Change

Transportation Demand Management

Moderator:  Sean Flaherty, Gresham Smith

  1.  Promoting Alternative Travel - New Strategies, Fewer Acronyms
  2. Transportation Demand Management - Enhancing Performance Across North Carolina
  3. Integrated Corridor Management in North Carolina

Thursday, April 25

10:30 AM - Session 3

Vision Zero

Data Analysis & GIS

Moderator:  Anna Gallup, Charlotte Department of Transportation

  1. Traceability & Transparency in Transportation Planning with GIS
  2. Simplifying Census Data Analysis
  3. Multimodal Planning & Travel Demand Management with Big Data

Corridor Studies

Moderator:  Andy Grzymski, Charlotte Department of Transportation

  1.  Charrette-Based Planning for Rolesville's Main Street
  2. Arterial Preservation in Virginia
  3. Fresh Perspective on Corridor K of the Appalachian Development Highway System

Thursday, April 25

1:30 PM - Session 4

Community Engagement

Moderator:  Candice Langston, Lee Institute

  1.  Foundations of Public Engagement Planning for MPOs
  2. Public Engagement - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to #Nailit

Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Performance-Based Planning

Moderator:  Joe Geigle, Federal Highway Administration

  1.  Performance Measurements of Actual System for MPO's Planning & Programming Processes Using Florida's Experience
  2. Planning for Resiliency in Pennsylvania
  3. Transportation Performance Management - Miami-Dade TPO

Thursday, April 25

3:30 PM - Session 5

Multimodal Transportation Plannig

Moderator:  Travis Johnson, Town of Davidson

  1. Bus Rapid Transit as Part of an Integrated Transit Network
  2. High Point Regional Bicycle Planning & Implementation
  3. Scenario Planning for New Mobility - Autonomous BRT Corridor Interactive Scenario Planning

Planning with Your Community

Moderator:  Laura Thomason, Mecklenburg County Health Department

  1.  Public Involvement Strategies for Managed Lane Projects
  2. Public Health & Planning
  3. Suburbanization of Poverty and Changes in Transportation Access

Long Range Planning

Moderator:  David Harrison, Charlotte Department of Transportation

  1. Building on CONNECT Our Future - Implementation of a Regional Growth Framework in the Charlotte Region
  2. Planning for Uncertainty - Exploratory Scenario Planning
  3. MTP Lessons Learned & Strategies for Improvement

Other Plans & Studies

Moderator:  Dana Magliola, NCDOT Logistics & Freight

  1.  North Carolina Turnpike Tolling Handbook - A Guide to Early Tolling Analysis & Viability
  2. Triangle Region Freight Plan
  3. Long Range Planning & Emerging Technology - What Can We Do Better?